Passion and Harmony

When Abakando was nothing more than an idea and a few plans, PASSION was the word that best defined the project. Today it is still the word of weight. And when we say passion we also say illusion, effort, daring. We are, we cannot hide it, a house specialized in seafood. And if they know us is for the quality of our product, always the best of its range.

In the scullery we have our hatchery pool, where the seafood is kept alive until the moment of taking them to your table; small edible crabs, brown crabs, lobsters, shrimps, langoustines, oysters, clams, cockles, periwinkles... We cook them in sea water or we offer them grilled, as you prefer, always respecting what is essential for us, its original flavor.

And as not only seafood lives man, in our menus you will find the typical products of the cuisine of this land; fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, meat of good origin and rice that we can adapt to your taste.

The main dining room can accommodate 46 diners, and the two private rooms, eight and fourteen respectively. These reserved rooms, equipped with television, are very suitable for business meals and family events, and ideal to enjoy in good company the best events.